Strength doesn't come from winning

Your struggles develop your strength

Adjustable Steel Mace Bell

Heavy duty steel handle plus 8-10 steel discs and stainless steel fittings
allow for complete versatility of workouts, progression levels and variety
of exercises with one do-it-all single mace, thus saving you precious
space in your homes gym as well as that hard earned cash in your
Mace weights can be quickly adjusted in 2.5lb (1.25kg) increments
starting from as low as 3.6kg (8lb) on the “Novice” mace all the way up
to the totally humbling 18kilos (40lb) on the “Elite” mace!
The Steel Mace handles are coated with several layers of non-slip
scratch & chip-resistant paint for great ergonomics and durability.
Proudly machined, assembled and finished in England